Champion Door Type Dishwasher

Racks per hr:

Please see Spec Sheet for more details.








Spec Sheet


• Energy Star® Qualified
• NEW! 208-240/60/3 standard. Field convertible to 208-240V single or three phase
• Straight-through configuration. Field convertible to corner operation
• NEW! Built-in booster for both 40°F/22°C rise and 70°F/39°C rise
• Single point electrical connection for machine and booster
• Interchangeable upper and lower wash and rinse arms
• Standard, installed, pressure regulating valve and line strainer
• Overflow type machine. Low 0.9 US/0.75 imp/3l water usage/rack
• Door activated start – closing doors begins wash cycle
• Rinse Sentry – ensures 180°F/82°C final rinse
• 55 racks per hour
• High efficiency 1 HP pump
• Self draining pump
• Automatic tank fill
• Detergent/chemical connections
• Top mounted splash proof controls
• Automatic drain valve
• Vent fan control
• Low water tank heat protection