Nella Cutlery

With factory trained technicians on staff we service major brands of slicing machines, mixers, grinders, food cutters, meat saws, and numerous other equipment. When necessary, loaner service is available on selected equipment. Whether it be repair, maintenance, or complete overhauls, we guarantee the quality of our workmanship and parts. Nella Cutlery stocks highest quality German replacement blades for most meat slicers.

Improperly tuned slicing machines can cause problems. Misaligned carriages cause square products to become angular. Tables out of alignment to the blade causes slices to be thin on one side and thick on the other. Both conditions result in waste of product, money, and time. Keeping your slicing machines tuned regularly pays off in the short and long run!


Nella Cutlery

Nella offers Saeco Espresso Machine Servicing.

On Site Fully Equipped Test Kitchen!

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