Rotary Type Fully Automatic Glasswashing Machine

Capacity (hr.):

For more information please see Spec Sheet.

2-1/2" [64] glasses - 1200






Spec Sheet


• New 12" glass clearance accepts taller stemware
• New internal upper drain screen for improved filtration and ease of cleaning
• New Self flushing wash chamber reduces maintenance
• Reduced water usage
• Improved shut off mechanism
• Three-pump injection system for precise chemical dispensing
• Upper and lower wash and rinse arms produce sparkling clean glasses every time.
• Double walled construction for quieter operation.
• Cool final rinse water provides a cool glass ready for immediate use.
• An off-the-floor shelf provides storage for three, 1-gallon (4 liter) containers.
• Polypropylene conveyor virtually eliminates chipping of fine stemware.