Champion Pass through glasswashing machine


For more information please see Spec Sheet.

2-1/2" glasses/hr. - 2000






Spec Sheet


• New three pump injection system:
– Injector system allows the use of separate sanitizer and rinse aid resulting in real savings.
– Precisely calibrated pumps inject just the right amount of chemical each time – no guesswork
–no waste.

• Upper and lower wash and rinse arms produce sparkling clean glasses every time
• Cool final rinse water provides a fresh, cool glass ready for immediate use
• Available in either 4 foot or 6 foot models
• Two splash curtains
• Processes approximately 2000, 2-1/2" glasses/hr.
• Available in either right-to-left or left-to-right operation
• Polypropylene conveyor virtually eliminates chipping of fine stemware.
• Drain tray and waste collector
• Internal rinse water tempering valve