Crown Steamer





Spec Sheet


Provide Crown model EPX-3 (3 pan) or EPX-5 (5 pan) countertop boiler free convection steamer, c-CSA-us andNSFcertified. Unit shall be connectionless, no plumbing required. Unit shall be constructed of satin finish 304 stainless steel with a one piece welded 316 stainless steel cooking chamber with coved corners. The door shall have a removable inner liner of stainless steel with full perimeter gasket seal, an outer liner of one-piece all welded stainless steel, and a positive lock and seal mechanism with spring release. The steamer shall have removable stainless steel pan supports and steam diffuser plate. The control housing shall be constructed of stainless steel with a full access removable panel. The controls shall include an illuminated timed cooking/off/constant steam switch, a ready indicator light, cooking indicator light, 60 minute electric timer with audible alarm that signals the end of the cook cycle and a low water indicator light with audible alarm. A door interlock switch shall interrupt steam generation when the door is open and shall be reactivated when the door is closed. Provide options and accessories as indicated.