Hobart Undercounter Dishwasher

Racks per Hour:

Please see spec sheet for more details.

210 lbs







Spec Sheet


■ 30 racks per hour
■ .74 gallons of water per rack
■ Hot water or chemical sanitation units available
■ Low chemical alert indicator (on machines ordered with pumps, standard on chemical machine)
■ Sense-A-Temp™ booster heater capable of 70° rise, provided on LXiH models
■ Delime notification with cycle
■ Chemical pump "auto-prime"
■ Service diagnostics
■ 16 gauge stainless steel tank
■ Microcomputer, top mounted controls with digital cycle/temperature display
■ Revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash arms
■ Revolving upper and lower rinse arms
■ Removable stainless steel scrap screen
■ Corrosion resistant pump
■ Automatic pumped drain
■ 17" door opening
■ Automatic fill
■ Labyrinth-type door seal
■ Electric tank heat
■ Two dishracks – one peg and one combination type